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31 October 2008 @ 04:00 pm
These were a major success. After collecting unique and vintage teacups for a few months, I've finally turned them all into candles. 5 More added to my Etsy Store!

31 October 2008 @ 09:47 am
I'm slowly experimenting with gift ideas, as I would like to add more to my website. For now, I've accomplished a few teacup candles and have put them up for sale in my Etsy shop to see how they go. More to come this weekend!
29 September 2008 @ 07:36 am
I've finally wrestled enough time from my busy day to get a good start on the website for rsvp invitations. There will be many more items added in the future, so keep checking back!

23 September 2008 @ 08:11 pm
17 September 2008 @ 09:40 pm
This lovely photo rendering is a project I took on for my sister-in-law, and am now offering custom services through Etsy. It's a wonderful way to preserve those memories of loved ones, as well as a priceless piece of art. Perfect gifts for friends and family.

Check out my Etsy Shop.
17 September 2008 @ 12:46 pm
I made a set of bookplate stickers for my niece Grace for her 4th birthday next week.

More at my Etsy Shop
15 September 2008 @ 09:06 am
 Just updated my etsy shop with a few new stationery items...

Let me know what you think!

12 September 2008 @ 01:48 pm
This is just a simple two layered save the date card in a festive autumn color. It's a classic look that will fit any traditional wedding.

10 September 2008 @ 12:44 pm

22 August 2008 @ 10:36 am

For all your graphic design needs! Collections include wedding inviation sets, thank you notes, save the date cards, menus, place cards, wedding venue maps, birth announcements, moving announcements, and greeting cards.

Feel free to contact me at kristin@rsvp-invitations.com